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Our Community Salutes (OCS) Honors Military-Bound High School Seniors with Gift of the US Constitution

Apr 10 2019
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The new OCS US Constitution pocket guide will be gifted this spring to more than 3,000 enlistees to help them gain a deeper understanding of the document they have taken an oath to support and defend.

CHERRY HILL, N.J. (PRWEB) April 10, 2019

Our Community Salutes (OCS) announced today it will honor more than 3,000 military-bound high school seniors across the US with a gift of "The United States Constitution and Fascinating Facts About It," a new OCS pocket guide to the US Constitution. The pocket guides will be presented to enlistees at their 2019 OCS High School Senior Enlistee Recognition Ceremonies being conducted throughout the country this spring.

OCS is the only national non-profit organization to recognize and honor high school seniors (and their parents) who plan to enlist in the military immediately after high school graduation. Since 2009, OCS has honor more than 30,000 high school seniors, at more than 300 ceremonies, in 25-plus States.

The 96-page pocket guide contains the entire text of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence, along with interesting insights into the men who wrote the Constitution.

"In many ways, the documents contained in the OCS pocket guide are the blueprints for the freedoms we enjoy in the United States – freedoms that would not be possible without the commitment of young enlistees to serve our nation," said Dr. Kenneth Hartman, former US Army officer and founder and president of Our Community Salutes. "Our hope is that new service members will carry this pocket guide with them to learn about the document that embodies the noble ideals and principles that safeguard our liberties."

"We cannot expect these young patriots to uphold the solemn oath they have taken to support and defend the US Constitution if they know little about it," said Hershel "Woody" Williams, World War II Medal of Honor Recipient. "The OCS US Constitution pocket guide puts the document right in their hands, creating a meaningful connection to it and an understanding of why it's worth defending."

Fellow Medal of Honor Recipient and Navy SEAL Edward Byers Jr., who himself enlisted in the Navy after high school, added, "I can't think of a better gift to give a new service member. I plan to carry my copy with me at all times."

More information about the OCS US Constitution Pocket Guide initiative, visit:

About Our Community Salutes

Founded in 2009, Our Community Salutes is a non-profit organization that recognizes and honors high school seniors (and their parents/guardians) who plan to enlist into the military immediately after high school graduation. Learn more about Our Community Salutes at