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WVU Parkersburg student and veteran receives scholarship from local Marine Corps Veterans Association

Oct 18 2019

Parkersburg, W.Va. (WVVA) – The dedication of one Marine Corps veteran has been recognized with a scholarship covering the cost of welding tools and protective equipment needed for her classes and future career. Presented by the Mid-Ohio Valley Platoon of West Virginia and Ohio of the Marine Corps Veterans Association, the scholarship is a testimony to the allegiance of one Marine to another.

“The Marine Corps motto is ‘Semper Fidelis,’ meaning ‘Always Faithful.’ The Corps is faithful to every Marine, even after their service is completed, to make sure they have a successful post-military career,” said Darren Shearlock, WVU Parkersburg veterans advocate.

Alexis Wiseman is the first WVU Parkersburg student to receive a scholarship from the MOV Platoon of WV and OH of the MCVA. She served four years in the Marine Corps (May 2013 to May 2017), and received the rank of E-4, Corporal. Wiseman will graduate in December 2019 with an Associate of Applied Science in Welding Technology.

“Earning this scholarship to help further my education in my career field is a true honor,” said WVU Parkersburg student Alexis Wiseman. “The Marine Corps Veterans Association is a community I am proud to be a part of.”

The MOV Platoon of WV and OH of the MCVA is focused on community service, including working with the Hershel Woody Williams Medal of Honor Foundation, Gold Star Family Memorial Monuments and local Eagle Scouts, as well as providing flag etiquette classes, donations to the Sheriff’s K-9 units in Wood and Washington counties, a guitar lesson program for veterans and much more.

“In addition to our other work, we believe in providing scholarships to younger generations who are furthering their education,” said Executive Officer John Sprigg of the MOV Platoon of WV and OH of the MCVA. “It is our honor and duty to help veterans, and we cannot wait to help more students in the future.”

“We have the honor of being here today because of the Marine Corps veterans, and all veterans, who wanted to serve their country. They all took an oath that didn’t end when they put the uniform down, and that now includes helping the community using their veteran status,” said Shearlock. “I am proud to work with the Marine Corps Veterans Association who are dedicated to helping this area.”

For more information about the MOV Platoon of WV and OH of the MCVA, scholarship opportunities or to become a member, contact Commanding Officer Roy Trembly at or 304-966-4419.

To learn more about WVU Parkersburg’s veterans’ resources, contact Veteran Advocate Darren Shearlock at or 304-424-8337.