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Wilmington named the country’s first World War II Heritage City

Sep 02 2020

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY/AP) — President Donald Trump stopped in the Port City on Wednesday to declare Wilmington America’s first World War II “Heritage City.”

Pres. Trump arrived at Wilmington International Airport around 1:30 p.m. to dozens of people on the tarmac. You could hear chants like “four more years” by some in the crowd.

Outside the gate, many supporters tailgated on the side of the road. People showed up with flags, Make America Great Again gear, and signs to welcome the president.

“Any chance I get to support him, see him, be there for him, I’m gonna do it,” supporter Martin Brewer said.

Some even camped out for hours in the intense summer heat in hopes to get a glimpse of Trump.

From there, he traveled to the USS Battleship North Carolina where the president sped through a V-J Day speech as storms threatened the area.

Trump trumpeted American strength but also took some swipes at Democratic rival Joe Biden.

Trump appeared before a World War II-era battleship to declare Wilmington a World War II “Heritage City.”

He pointed to a bolt of lightning and said it was God saluting the event.

He honored war veterans, including 97-year-old Hershel “Woody” Williams, the sole surviving Marine from the war to receive the Medal of Honor. The West Virginia native fought in the Battle of Iowa Jima in the Pacific.

Williams traveled to North Carolina with the president aboard Air Force One. Trump said the veteran is “100 percent sharp.” And then referring to Biden, Trump said: “I know a 78-year-old who’s not so sharp.”

This was President Trump’s 12th visit to North Carolina.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden released this statement ahead of the president’s visit:

“President Trump likes to call himself a wartime president, but the reality is that North Carolinians are still suffering because he surrendered to COVID-19 long ago. He abandoned North Carolinians in their moment of need, and his failure of leadership has cost over 2,700 lives.

President Trump still does not understand that in order to fully and effectively restart the economy, we must defeat the virus. Instead of providing North Carolina the roadmap and resources needed to protect small businesses, schools, and families, he has criticized local leaders and threatened educators for listening to public health experts. Instead of honoring the sacrifice of our frontline heroes, President Trump has repeatedly ignored public health guidance for political purposes. Instead of focusing on expanding COVID-19 testing and contact tracing, he is trying to get the U.S. Supreme Court to rip away access to health care and erase protections for more than 4 million North Carolinians with preexisting conditions.

North Carolinians deserve a president who understands what it takes to manage a crisis, unite our nation, and build our economy back better. If I am elected President, North Carolinians will have a partner in the White House — one who will immediately begin implementing a plan to tackle this pandemic and help us build back better.”